Let’s Change How We Manage Business.

At Ambani we place more emphasis on outcomes and impact than on quantity of activities.

"We give our clients significant share of voice in the market..."

About Ambani

Ambani Reputation Management is a full-service reputation management agency that offers strategic, creative reputation management ideas on both digital and traditional platforms. Ambani is a Tshivenda word for speak. This is because Ambani gives our clients a significant share of voice in the market in order to connect with their stakeholders, internally and externally.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with messages from a plethora of different organisations in different sectors of the economy, local and international, Ambani ensures that your brand stands out by employing creative ideas implemented effectively and efficiently to achieve tangible results.

Ambani recognises that the digital world is where conversations, ideas and opinions are formed, discussed and spread. We embrace reputable digital platforms that have reach and influence, while making sure that all campaigns are integrated with the traditional ways of doing things.

Shoni Makhari

Shoni Makhari - CEO

Shoni has been working in the media, communications and reputation management sector since the late 1990s. He has started and run two businesses, turned around two others and held senior positions in JSE-listed companies, as well as advising multinationals and large parastatals on corporate and business strategy, corporate governance best practice and building and managing corporate reputation.