Ambani Reputation Management is a full-service reputation management agency.

Reputation is an invaluable asset to a company and its team members, and it’s even more important when dealing with the web, where things can speed like wildfire.

Who we are

We are Ambani - Reputation Management.

Ambani Reputation Management is a full-service reputation management agency that offers strategic, creative reputation management ideas on both digital and traditional platforms.

Ambani is a Tshivenda word for speak. This is because Ambani gives our clients a significant share of voice in the market in order to connect with their stakeholders, internally and externally.

Ambani is a 100 percent black owned and managed enterprise and a level 1 BBBEE rated company.

We give our clients significant share of voice in the market.

Our Clients

Some of the people who we have worked with.


What peoples say about us.

“From the very start of our engagement, Ambani has been able to generate the messaging we needed and this in turn led to a higher take-up by the media...”
Andre Schoeman
“We wish to acknowledge that the MD is hands on and guarantees that the outcomes set are reached, and we highly recommend Ambani...”
Carole Podetti Ngono
Valued Ctizens Initiative
“I find Ambani Reputation Management to be responsive to our needs as an organisation, and conduct themselves professionally and manage our work promptly...”
Pheliswa Mayekiso