Brand Champions

Nicole is a motivated and passionate individual. She possesses a positive and professional attitude towards any opportunity given to her.

Nicole holds an MA in Communication from Bethel University in Minnesota in the United States. She previously served as a client service specialist for Rand Merchant Bank and has vast experience in the financial services sector. In her spare time, Nicole volunteers at several community empowerment programmes. Utilising her strong written and oral communication skills, she believes in bringing about a change where there is a need.

Her genuine love for communication and devotion to the empowerment of others is a passion she hopes to maintain throughout her career.

Phatheka hails from KwaZulu-Natal, where she grew up and started her career. She is passionate about brand development and dedicated to developing her skills to ensure that she can provide the best possible value to the organisation and her clients. Phatheka works well under pressure and does her best to deliver outputs within tight deadlines.

She adapts well to change and looks for ways to improve her work ethic to best suit the client she is working with. She enjoys a challenge, and her love for learning new things means she spends many an evening reading to expand her knowledge.

She has experience in event coordination, having worked on expos, launches, and large festivals. This experience also allowed her to use and hone her admin skills.

Molefi is a social media manager with charisma and plenty of energy. He loves making things happen and his love of working with people makes him a great team player.

He graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a national diploma in marketing. Since starting work in the digital industry in 2012 he has managed social media campaigns for private sector companies and for national campaigns. His career highlight so far was working on the 2014 South African elections, where he ran the social media coverage of the elections with a focus on the youth campaign.

He enjoys the fact that, through social media, businesses can be innovative in the way they market themselves to new audiences.

In his free time he enjoys listening to music and he is a car fanatic. He is also a video editor and combines this with his love of cars to produce content for an online community of car-lovers.

Tshililo, or Chils as she is affectionately known at Ambani, is the quintessential ideas factory.

For Chils, no idea is too small or too outrageous – but they must all be thoroughly examined before they can be classified as fit for purpose.

Tshililo holds a BA in media studies from the University of Venda and started in the communications industry in 2010. Her experience includes developing communication plans for clients in various sectors of the economy, media liaison on behalf of clients, social media management, media strategy development, researching and packaging topics to use as basis for engagement with journalists.

Vuyiswa is currently pursuing her Masters in Journalism Studies at the University of Stellenbosch. She is an accomplished journalist with experience in broadcast, print, and online. She has contributed to two published books and is the recipient of a regional Vodacom Journalist of the Year award.

One of the things she loves about her work is that she can champion her clients’ causes in the content she writes. Unlike in journalism, she doesn’t need to worry about balancing two perspectives on one point in a piece of writing.

She is always trying to challenge herself and improve her skills. In her free time she loves, blogging, and posting to her YouTube channels. She is an avid reader and lists the Harry Potter books as one of her favourite series to read.

Mathilda is an outgoing and social person with a can-do attitude for any task handed her way. She attended high school at Sandringham High School where she discovered her hidden skill in Public Speaking.

Her passion for food and cooking led her to study Culinary Arts at The International Hotel School where she completed her Diploma in Culinary Arts. However after working at various hotels she realised her passion for cooking was more a hobby than a career choice, she decided to study Public Relations – a sphere she says suits her personality perfectly.

She has a keen interest in PR, and the ever-changing social media landscape and has taken it upon herself to sign up on various platforms, learn the ins and outs in order to educate friends and family on using social media as an alternative form of communication.

Working under pressure – a skill she learned from working as a trainee chef, teamwork and patience are amongst some of her skills that she will be bringing to the Ambani team.